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Globe Tech appears in the July Issue of ARMY Magazine.


July 2022

Globe Tech LLC
President and General Manager: Amanda Smith-Menchinger

Headquarters: 40300 Plymouth Road, Plymouth, MI 48170

Phone: 734-656-2200


Globe Tech LLC was founded in 2003, and although its core business has evolved, its primary principle remains unchanged: Globe Tech serves those who serve. Globe Tech is a certified small, women-owned, family company that is honored to manufacture world-class systems and components for the American warfighter by American workers in the United States.

Globe Tech provides expertise in engineering, production, fabrication, assembly and complex weldments for the defense, commercial and transportation markets. The company serves an array of customers ranging from all branches of the military, to world-class automotive suppliers for tooling and production, to commercial markets.

Globe Tech is conveniently located within 30 miles of Detroit Arsenal and the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command. With over 150,000 square feet of prime manufacturing space, Globe Tech is vertically integrated to provide its customers with a multifaceted experience.

What was once a one-room tool and die shop has grown over the past 20 years to a lean world-class facility with over 70 diverse, dynamic employees. Globe Tech’s skilled associates define this organization’s culture of continuous innovation.

Roller - Army Magazine Article

An Explosive Hazard Pre-detonation Roller system, manufactured by Globe Tech LLC, undergoes testing.
Photo: Black Lab Five

From design to machining to welding, Globe Tech’s extensive list of capabilities are all done in-house. The company also offers stamped and fabricated products, prototypes, tools, gauges and designs, as well as worldwide program management and procurement. Globe Tech has experience in effective project execution under tight timelines and in- consistent source availability. The company has the ability to support its clients by addressing existing deficiencies, such as flawed technical data packages or assembly processes.

Globe Tech is also home to an on-site metallurgical lab that is A2LA accredited and meets only the highest standards for product and process development, failure analysis and complete product testing. Its on-staff certified weld instructors and in-house weld training programs ensure quality welds every time. Globe Tech’s certified weld in- structors have experience welding mild, high-strength steels, armor, aluminum and titanium.

With presses ranging from 150 tons to 1,330 tons, Globe Tech can mass-produce parts ranging from small brackets to large structural components. Globe Tech’s mechanical and servo presses allow the organization to
supply low to high volumes. No job is too big; no part is too small.

Globe Tech’s engineering services, including tooling, mechanical, electrical and automation, have led to significant cost and time savings for its customers. The engineering team has spent countless hours on product design and testing to remove unnecessary weight for military structural frames. Every pound taken out of a vehicle frame allows an additional pound of armor to protect soldiers. Using its expertise in metal stampings and welding, Globe Tech has developed numerous solutions to replace heavy cast components with lightweight, high-strength steel weldments.

Globe Tech is currently testing a mine roller, known as the Modular Vehicle Protection Platform, for smaller military ground vehicles. The company has partnered with Michigan Technological University in the design, building and testing of this critical new warfare equipment. Globe Tech is also in the process of manufacturing Explosive Hazard Pre-detonation Roller systems and ancillary parts to the U.S. Army. These mine rollers are built to protect armed forces from mines and IEDs during route-clearing activities.

Globe Tech has dedicated the past two decades to maintaining only the highest quality and safety standards. The company has invested in solutions and technologies to ensure the safety and security of the U.S. and, ultimately, to save lives. With this, Globe Tech continues to strive and meet the ever-changing needs of tomorrow and to execute its mission: serving those who serve, safely and sustainably, through innovation and manufacturing excellence.

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